Janice Baker, Owner + Director

Janice is the director of the dance program at Iowa State University. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in ballet from the University of Utah and attained her Master's degree from Kansas State. Ms. Baker has taught for the Des Moines Ballet School, Kansas State University, Iowa Arts Council, Metro Arts, Iowans for the Arts and VSA of Iowa.
As a choreographer, Janice is the project director for Iowa Dance Theater's production of Dracula: A Comedy Noir. Ms Baker has also created and performed for the Des Moines Ballet, Adventureland, other Iowa Dance Theater projects, The Metro Operas, The Ingersoll Dinner Theater, and numerous other local productions. 

 Her work has been presented at American College Dance Conference and at the national convention of NDEO. 
Blending classical concepts with modern theories and world traditions, she is here to share the joy of dance with you and your children!

Gabby Leonard,  Ballet and Hip Hop
A graduate of Roosevelt High School, a student of the Lind Dance School and rehearsal director for Iowa Dance Theatre Gabby is a knowledgeable and engaging instructor.

Carrie Ann Miller, Studio Manager
Carrie Ann  is our studio manager here at The Dance Place.. She teaches our tumbling 1,2 & 3 classes and also substitutes for other teachers when needed. She has been involved with the New Vision Dance program and Iowa Dance Theatre as a coordinator for many administrative tasks.  
Carrie Ann started working here in support of her children and of her strong belief in the transformative power of dance.

Ken Logan,Tumbling, Acro,Conditioning Coach 
Ken started preparing for the stage at age 2 years when he began training with a retired Vaudeville acrobat. He received a B.S. in Health and Human Performance from Iowa State University.  He has performed all around the country with dance studios, circus troupes, and community theaters.  Having worked with mentors around the globe Ken bring a wide
 range of skills  to our classroom.