Information for Parents

Dress Code
The following are guidelines to help make your student's experience as fun and safe as possible. Hair must be pulled off of the face and neck in a bun, ponytail, or braid for all classes. Loose hair can be a danger and a distraction.
Warm-up clothes should be kept minimal and should be removed after warm-up. If the teacher cannot see the students' body, he/she will not be able to make the appropriate corrections.
Girls: tights, leotard, pink ballet shoes
Boys: biker shorts/pants, t-shirt, black ballet shoes
Girls/Boys: non-baggy danceable clothes (unitard, jazz pants, leotard), white jazz shoes
Leotard with shorts, no shoes
Other Information
During regular classes, parents are not encouraged to stay in the classroom for observation. This can be a great distraction to students. Parents are welcome to watch from the waiting area. The teacher does reserve the right to close the door due to noise and/or other distractions. There will be a few times in the year where parents and relatives are invited into the classroom to observe the student's progress, hear explanations of what the student is learning, and participate in fun group activities. A hand-out will be sent home for notice of these days. Usually, the last class before winter break and spring break are open-house events. Photographs and videos are welcome.