Pre-Fundamentals (3-4 years)

Fun with dancing stories/tumbling/rhythms and dancing props.

Helps your young dancer follow directions but emphasis placed on personal creativity with movement.

Fundamentals (5-6 years)

Beginning technique in a game like fashion/tumbling/elements of rhythm for tap/creating their own movement phrases.

Ballet I/II & Tap I/II (6 years and up)

Moving forward with the solid basics for your dancers foundation of Dance.

Ballet III (8 years and up)

Building on the basics of ballet we emphasize creating with our ballet vocabulary..

Ballet IV & V

Ballet technique is the core of traditional dance education.

Your dancer participates in the rigors of the ballet barre and center combinations.

Ballet VI & VII

Emphasis is placed on vocabulary building, strength and stamina.

Hip-Hop III & Tap (8 years and up)

Fun with cool moves/tumbling basics and tap rhythms

Hip-Hop VI

Dancers join with instructors to create moves that rock!

Tap VI & VII

Traditional tap rhythms with increasing speed and clarity as well as discovery personal beats and patterns

Tumbling I – III

Whole body conditioning through performing acrobatic moves such as rolling, cartwheeling, bridging, hand standing and more with increasing difficulty.


Exploring the concepts of traditional and contemporary dance theory dancer work with each other to create as well as match inventive movement vocabulary

Ballroom Dance

Enjoy a variety of social dance from merengue, salsa, waltz, foxtrot, swing, tango, country two step and more. Learn to dance for your wedding!!

New Visions Dance Project

A movement time for challenged dancers with a variety of needs to explore personal expression and interaction with others creating with Dance.

Yoga / Adult Fitness (Stretch & Move)

Gentle stretch and strength for body awareness with relaxation and a dash of meditation.